SeniorWell CompleteTM

We specialize in four core services, we're a one stop shop. Each service we offer is tailored specifically to meet the needs of seniors in senior living communities. Our ultimate goal is to provide care that ensures patients have the best quality of life possible. We believe each patient should be able to see, hear, smile, and enjoy their life.

Audiology Services

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Dentistry Services

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Optometry Services

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Cost should not determine quality of care. We eliminate upfront fees that are generally charged by other service providers.

No Start-Up Costs

Hassle-Free Prosthetic Replacements

The SeniorWell Complete Replacement Guarantee means residents who qualify are guaranteed hassle-free replacements for any eyeglasses, hearing aids, or dentures that are lost or broken beyond repair, saving facilities $10,000 a year!

Returned Phone Calls by Next Business Day

The SeniorWell Customer Care Center saves your staff valuable time by providing one number to schedule multiple ancillary services, and also answer any questions staff, residents, or families may have.

We Make Our Own Dentures, Glasses & Hearing Aids

Having our in house labs means we can offer custom products with superior quality and delivery time. Our lab technicians are highly trained to fabricate and adjust dentures, glasses, and hearing aids.

Interest-Free Financing on Dentures, Glasses & Hearing Aids

The Survivor Benefits program offers patients and families 0% financing and monthly payments for hearing aids and dentures.

Leading Edge Technology and Reporting

Clinical teams utilize our certified EMF software, which provides easy-to-read patient exams. The software auto-generates monthly status reports to follow the progress of all outstanding products.

Dental X-Rays at Your Front Door

Our hand-held X-Ray Unit takes digital bite-wing x-rays to better meet our patients’ needs. This will reduce the amount of referrals at your facility.

We Do Your Marketing

We will provide your facility with custom brochures using your facility’s name and logo, to utilize in your admission packets.

Continuity of Care

Our providers are local, licensed, and credentialed audiologists, dentists, optometrists and podiatrists. Trained clinical assistants come to each visit, along with our physicians.

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