We want to help patients enjoy the benefits of natural teeth by providing regular oral care. SeniorWell Dentists perform examinations, prophylaxis, perio scalings, and treatment for sores and gum lesions. They are able to dispense, fit and adjust dentures at your facility, or send dentures to our labs for relines or repairs.

Dentistry & Dentures

SeniorWell dentures are handcrafted from an impression made of the patient’s mouth.

The acrylic base is formed to fit snugly against the jaw line for the best possible fit, function and comfort. Each tooth can be positioned and shaped individually and “naturally” to give dentures a realistic appearance and feel.

Our Services Include:
1.Initial examinations & regular cleanings
2.Treatment of sores & gum lesions
3.Dentures - full and partial
4.Refit, reline and/or repair of dentures
5.Extractions and x-rays

Multiple Ways to Pay

SeniorWell’s reliable, professional, dedicated providers serve patients on-site, at their senior living community so there is no need to transport them off-site.

SeniorWell accepts the following payor sources:
Medicare Advantage
Medicare Supplemental Plans
Dual Plan-Medicare and Medicaid
Commercial Plans
SeniHealth Insurance where available