Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Care

SeniorWell is a provider of on-site healthcare for seniors in senior living communities. We are passionate about making healthcare more accessible and manageable for our patients, as their well-being is always our first priority. With SeniorWell’s dedicated and experienced clinical service team, innovative provider technologies, and in-house labs, no one is better equipped to serve you.

SeniorWell Complete

We specialize in four core services, we're a one stop shop. Each service we offer is tailored specifically to meet the needs of seniors in senior living communities. Our ultimate goal is to provide care that ensures patients have the best quality of life possible. We believe each patient should be able to see, hear, smile, and enjoy their life.

1. My loved one still lives at home. Can SeniorWell visit them at home to deliver care?

SeniorWell specializes in providing care to Senior living communities. Care is delivered directly in the facilities. SeniorWell does not see individual patients who do not reside within a contracted facility.

2. How is SeniorWell compensated for services? Is financing available?

SeniorWell works with payer sources including Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance plans. Private pay is also an option.

Financing is available for certain products and services. Please contact us for more information about financing plans.

3. Does SeniorWell produce its own prosthetics and medical devices?

Thanks to our in-house denture, optical and FDA approved hearing aid labs, SeniorWell manufactures high quality prosthetics.

SeniorWell typically ships hearing aids within 30 days from approval and dentures within 60 days from approval. In most cases, eyeglasses ship within 3 days of recommendation. We work around the clock to manufacture quality prosthetics so that our patients’ lives are improved quickly.

*Some qualifications and restrictions apply. Deliveries may vary based on a variety of factors.